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A Word From The Rabbi


I am writing to express my heartfelt solidarity with you during these tense and troubling times. I am increasing the number of calls during this time in order to continue to check in with you. I encourage you to also be proactive in reaching out to check in with each other in the congregation. If you know of someone from our congregation or from the Jewish community who are not members of any congregations and need our support, please let me know. All available Rabbis in Perth are working together with the CCJWA to support the wider community.

While our public worship and learning opportunities are postponed, you can join our services live streamed on Temple David Facebook and several study sessions on social media mainly Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp and Facebook. Please contact the class teacher for instructions. If you need technical assistance to set up the Tech please contact the office and we will make sure someone will assist you. It is also an opportunity to get familiarised with the individual forms of prayer both for weekdays and for Shabbat all part of our prayer book “Mishkan T’filah”. The structure of the individual prayer will be uploaded to our Facebook Page and will be circulated by email.

As some of our members are already affected by the financial disruption associated with temporary work closures, if you are in need of financial support, please reach out and give me a call. If you are able to help provide financial support, please also reach out and give me a call.

I am aware that many of you are concerned about the health of relatives and friends overseas. I have already started to upload prayers and rituals that you may practice at home. If family members passed away and you are in need of Minyan for Kaddish please contact me and, for as long as possible, in compliance with the health regulations, I will assemble one for you.

We are in unprecedented times, times when we are most in need of each other. The challenge of this particular situation is that we are encouraged to distance ourselves physically from one another, but let us be inspired by our Jewish values which promote caring for one another and for Klal Isarel, by continuing forward in creative ways. This is not the time to be shy or self-conscious about calling. This is the time to push ourselves to go out of our way to show our love and support for one another, to make sure that while our friends are alone they are not lonely.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Take care of yourselves and one another Rabbi Adi Cohen