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Archive of: B’nei Mitzvah Drashot

  • D'var Torah - Talia Wise

    My parsha is from the start of Vayakhel-Pekudei, and it tells us about the Children of Israel after the exodus from Egypt. It includes several verses about keeping the Shabbat, before moving onto a detailed list of parts the Israelites donated to build the Tabernacle. At first, I was more into in the first of those two sections, the verses about keeping Shabbat, as I wasn’t particularly interested in searching through what is essentially Ye Olde IKEA Catalogue.

  • D'var Torah - Bram

    My first Parsha theme is silence. Think about the characteristics of a fire. There are bright flames and intense heat. It is vivid and alive. But is it silent? No. When you read the sad stories about survivors and the firefighters of the recent terrible bushfires around Australia, many of them refer to the roaring rush of flames and wind, and sounds that were like explosions. So, how did Moses hear God through the fire? And how did God make his presence known? Today, could God always be communicating with us, but we don’t hear it? Do we all live lives that are too busy to take the time to listen to God? There might not be fire around us, but the noise comes in other ways, through devices and technology, or machinery, or the constant stimulation that we all seem to crave these days. We need to learn the sounds of silence and how to listen for God.